Monday, 24 November 2008

neon rock

already have two rolling stones (mick & keith) and a bowie print at home, but i really like the neon green/pink/yellow combined with bold black. clockwise from left: bowie, the clash, debbie harry, new york dolls, john lydon and iggy pop have always fascinated me. just off the top of my head i'd add sex pistols, joan jett, wendy williams and axl rose, and im sure my boyfriend would want metallica, megadeth and any number of obscure death metal bands
keith and mick in our living room
bowie hanging above my boyfriend's spray paints, sketch pinboard 
and DIY desk legs (can't you tell he's a graphic designer?)


Unknown said...

oh wow! those keith and mick paintings are sick! (as in very good) :D

joanaddicted said...

Mick painting... i want that now!!!