Sunday, 8 March 2009

icon: bros

remembered bros the other day

leather jackets -red or black or chained- loads of studs, patches, pork pie hats, ripped jeans,
doc martens, dangly earrings and pendants, big black belts - total 80s!...
boyfriend thinks im mad


Anonymous said...

hahaha they look amazing!! long live levi's

Obscura said...

Totally fuckin awesome!

That kind of reminds me of what I wore today...I really love the look of a biker jacket and torn up light blue denim...

ahhh...perfect lazy sunday outfit!

I'm adding you to my blogroll, chloe!

Keep on Rockin!


Nadia said...

sssssssssssssssooooooooo cool hahahhaha you're absolutely right i LOVE LOVE LOVE their outfits hahaha this is so right on track with samantha fox!!! thanks heaps dude x