Sunday, 5 April 2009

movie: christiane f

an old but amazing movie that blew me away when i first saw it. christiane f is a german film, based on a book about drug addicted kids living in berlin in the late 70s. christiane is a thirteen year old girl who gets drawn into a world of nightclubs, parties and progressively harder drugs until she become a heroin addict, slumming it at bahnhof zoo train station with a gang of other homeless kids. along the way we see her frequenting the 'sound' nightclub, going to a david bowie concert, meeting her boyfriend detlef, watching her friends die, losing detlef and ending up working as a teenage prostitute.
natja brunckhorst as christiane is just beautiful and the scenes are wonderfully filmed. it is a must-see, and i highly recommend that you watch it in the original german - here's the trailer:


E.K. said...

I've never seen this, but I have the Bowie soundtrack on record.

stylorectic said...

i can remember when i saw/red this in school when i was a kid.strangly it was more appealing than daunting for us.the music,the fashion,...they should overthink this x)

prettyneons said...

Hello's long time no comment from me, I some how fucked my comment thingy---- I still have no clue how!?
Its all sorted now, how are you? I still want to feature you on my blog hun, and will do before '09 is out that's a damn promise ha ha =)x

Hey oh my god, I've seen that film its top's! That and the breakfast club which I also heart a lot.
This post has made my day, simply because none of my friends have seen this film so when I talk about it, they're often very baffled.
PeAcE & BoWs...

Kitty Stampede said...

This looks like my kind of movie...thanks!! I will be renting or downloading this very, very soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!
That film looks amazingg! I have an obsession with world cinema, so thank-you for fueling it :)


Kitty Stampede said...

You would prob really like the movie C.R.A.Z.Y. -- its french but of course you can watch it with subtitles. The boy in the film is very obsessed with Bowie and it is such a great story about a younger brother of 3 coming out etc. Here is the trailer, but it honestly doesn't give the film justice whatsoever..

Lucy said...

I really liked this movie! and the cameo/soundtrack from bowie made it doubly AWESOME.

Kitty Stampede said...

I watched it last night and it was insanely awesome! It was just so crazy watching her go from being so young and innocent looking to looking so run down and so much older and unhealthy. It was amazingly well done and I found the language was beautiful. I was in love with her clothes..that Bowie jacket..wicked and she always had the nicest jeans..super faded and that look.
It definitely made me not want to touch "H". Thanks so much for sharing this movie...its now one of my favs. btw..the David Bowie appearance was so great!