Wednesday, 29 July 2009

roses, roses, roses and guns

so many colours and crazy accessories -chains, patches, badges, hats, scarves, sunglasses, tattoos-
and they STILL rocked out!
found a good selection of guns'n'roses t-shirts at wearyourbeer, including a couple of the most well-known designs: the bullet as seen on axl's jacket above, the appetite for destruction cross, a black&white bullet and a couple of tour tees. imagine them worn in true axl style: oversized, with coloured jeans (apart from black, he often wore red or white jeans), a ripped up denim jacket or waistcoat, big boots and a bandana,
just awesome.


E.K. said...

I had that 2nd poster on my wall when I was a kid! Ha!

drollgirl said...

OH GUNS N ROSES. those were the days. they were a HUGE deal. YUGE! and they were so good before they exploded.

Nadia said...

hahahaha how can you not love gunners