Tuesday, 18 August 2009

10 things

1. food: tea

1 (b): and cupcakes

2. gadget: a 1950's inspired mini-radio

3. pet: spike, my parents' chihuahua

3 (b): and this is lolly. found her as a teeny kitten. she could curl up in my palm

4. a jacket: fur gilet from zara

5. toy: my boyfriend's. when you press the button on its fin, it sings and dances to gnarles barkley's 'crazy'

6. collection: the geishas

6 (b): the swans

7. something blue: an amazing little vase

8. couldn't live without: the boyfriend

8 (b): my mummy

8 (c): my sister

8 (d): my best friend

9. shoes: my egoshego boots

10. a tshirt: zara rhinestone-studded tee


Cammila said...

What an endlessly pleasing collection! That little radio has captured my heart. :)

Annie Spandex said...

I love those egoshego boots. Where the hell do you find those? I've googled and everything.. ha

Unknown said...

i love how you put each pic in polaroids. and yes..have to agree with annie...amazing, amazing boots.

E.K. said...

Cool photos, your family is good-looking! Your boyfriend fits right in!

prettyneons said...

that radio is so brill!
I've missed your blog (my PC died)

PeAce & BoWs...
prettyneons X x

PS...Lurv'in the polyvore board too ;)

micol zanzuri said...

love that shirt!