Monday, 17 August 2009


and here is the necklace i wore a couple of days ago


drollgirl said...

dude! i love it!!! i would totally wear this, but i think you will make it cooler than i could!


if you tire of it, send it my way. DO IT.

Kaela said...

Oh lovely! I can't really pinpoint a style .. you're right.. sort of egyptian .. gothic etc.

Very pretty! x


Kaela said...

hahah (small voice) - you're the funniest! :)

ummm.. i would say read the book for sure! then decide whether you want to watch it. i love the movie cause it's nice to see it come to life on screen.. but it is nowhere near as good as the book. like most book based movies.
i'll make a bet that you love it and read the rest of the series in a week! haha x

Yellow Cab said...

ooo, girl i love this necklace, amazing, wonderful piece.

Xo, YC.