Monday, 7 September 2009

guns guns gunssssss

guns'n'roses tour tee from, oasis faux pearl necklace,
metal necklace from random ethnic shop


Anonymous said...

i love guns n roses and i love your tee!

thanks for your comment.

amy kelinda said...

I love how you put the huge pearls and the concert tee together. Love it, I say! (and yeah, that tee really does sport Axl in his hotness heyday. you know, before the dreads.)

Annie Spandex said...

Super cool! Love the polish too :)

---OMG my captcha is "hater"!! Couldn't be further from the truth. ;)

Vint Junky said...

Aw i was (and am) such a GnR fan....Um i'm actually embarassed to say i seen them at Slane in Ireland in 1991 i had just turned 13, but i feel SO OLD!!!
Love the tee!

Cristi Silva said...

Wow, you really have the raddest style!! :) I love all of your outfits!!!