Monday, 14 September 2009

lets do the polka

vintage top, zara jeans, stradivarius laceups, longer necklace from stradivarius, shorter necklace from ethnic shop, random bracelets


amy kelinda said...

Polka dots = love. You can pull off the oversized tops like no one I've ever met! I'm with you on the wishful thinking for winter's arrival... Bring on the winter coats and boots!

Mika's Fashion said...

polu wraio to tee! teleia aksesouar!
k to mallaki s oso t koitazw pio polu m aresei :)

Anonymous said...

egw eixa plhrwsei me proplhrwmenh..dn exw paypall

Kaela said...

That spotted top is WONDERFUL!
Hahah.. tis a shame about the weather! Could you wear it as a dress on a warmish/cold day?

Well, your jewellery collection is extremely enviable!
..annnnnnnd cute shoes.
OK, I'm done. :)

x kaela

Zara said...

cute top :) i came across your blog by googling the acne atacoma wedges. can i ask a few questions about them, please? :) did you buy them off the acne website? and do they run true to size? xoxo

DENNI said...



Olga Babenko said...

lovely dress and acsessories))


Anonymous said...

LOVE big huge polka dots sooo much! and i am swooning over your necklaces! dude just give me 5 minutes alone with your jewelry and i will die a happy girl!


Patty Ann said...

this outfit
is awesome
like so insanely awesome
because i LOVE
HUGE polka dots

Poppy said...

Awfully cute top, I love your shoes too. Thanks for sharing.

Vint Junky said...

Love the huge polkas
Thanks for your comments, i'll keep you in mind if i ever tire of them!!Haha!