Sunday, 8 November 2009

show me your topshop: my picks

two of my favourite picks from the show me your topshop shoot. loving the leather jacket and the high-waisted skirt and in the other outfit the feathery jacket, skinny jeans and big boots.


Katrina said...

Leatherjacketlook is soo gorgeous!
Love both!


Unknown said...

I equally adore these shots!

Raez said...

ahhhh! loving the grey fur, so hot:):)

xx raez

battered couture said...

once you put on a leather jacket you never wann take it off. Trust me.

drollgirl said...

leather jacket! DO IT! there are so many cool ones available now -- and vintage is always a super option. doy. like i need to tell you that. ah ahahha.

LOVE that crazy feathery jacket. fucking nuts. LOVE IT!!!

p.s. team eric ALL THE WAY. bill is a toad.