Thursday, 17 December 2009

the junk shop haul

today i took the boyfriend to the local cheap-tacky-junky shop - his first visit!
we had an excellent time. here's the stash:

these lil' chairs are so cute

four teeny 'viva el amor' decorative plates, two for us and two to send to my sister in australia

a couple of funky keyrings which will become kitch pendants.
i love the etched details on the cowboy boots

a wooden 'cyprus' keyholder souvenir - the postcard inside is actually spanish(?) the girl's skirt is all made up of red stitches. and how adorbale is the little donkey?

two teeny lacquered purse mirrors with this lily motif on the back. one for me and one for my sister.

six dancing geishas for my geisha collection

three ladies watches that i want to wear all at once (as seen below).

and here are the boy's selections:
a big-headed bald japanese old man and his wife (she looks like princess leia from star wars!?)

a neon green spring keychain


Mairyliscious said...

trellia ta rologia !!!

Chelsea Finn said...

ohh i love the keyring on the left! haha. :)

Kat said...

great watches! :)

Alecca Rox said...

some people had fun shopping! everything is adorable and very sentimental in ways, but man, I was so touched by the spring key chain:)) I used to have one in neon hot pink back in the '80s and kept it till it literally fell apart!

Anonymous said...

heyyyy where is this shop, I would like to check it out :)

Marietta said...

You got some treasures here! Teleia idea ta rologia, den to eixa skeftei pote!

fadetoblack said...

omg i love junk stores they are the best!!
you have to wear all them watches together ... wud be doooope!!++

Froso M. said...

I did the same thing with the watches, I took three from my grandmother! But you gave me a great idea about the keyrings turning into pendants! I will certainly do it, you are wonderful!