Saturday, 27 March 2010

polaroid project

my polaroid projectcame out on the 14th and i only just remembered to post about it! its an initiative by a daily island-wide newspaper in conjunction with polaroid: for a year they're lending a polaroid camera to people for a week each, and then publishing the pictures in the sunday edition. it was harder than i thought: i wanted to show something of my work (visual merchandising) so eventually i dressed my leopard (spot) in different accessories: bags, scarves and belts


isn't it so funny that spot's relative is starring in the aldo summer campaign, as seen below!? although personally, i think that spot is a way better-looking leopard, hehe..


vint junky said...

You're right Spot is waaay better looking!
Love these polaroids, it's a great idea to incorporate your work into it and works really well in the images.
Looks fantastic, well done honey

Vix said...

Fantastic! Spot looks great in his new accessories.

natalie said...

I'm such a Polaroid fan, in fact you just reminded me I need to buy some film for mine! Great pictures, the leopard looks so fashionable, hehe!

amy kelinda said...

Spot is definitely better looking! I love that your paper is doing that project -- how fun! And what a great way to get a bunch of people involved! I was so bummed that Polaroid stopped making film... Where do you get your film from?

Thalia said...

that's pretty cool girl!!!!
loving it and loving the polaroid takes!

Wends said...

the photos look great! oh man cutest idea ever, lending people polaroids for a day. or shall we say instax fuji