Wednesday, 14 April 2010


from top left:
a plain brown rucksack, new trousers, fake flowers to wear on my wrists as summer bracelets, turbany headbands - the peach colour is so pretty, chanel bag, yves st laurent arty ovale ring, vintage china teacups, denim shirts, my topshop unique shoes!, l'occitane 4 roses perfume, ysl parisienne perfume, topshop watch ring, and pretty new underwear


kot-itsa said...

agaph mou ayto dn einai wishlist..afou ta exeis ta perissotera!8a mporouse omws kallista na einai dikia mou lista

Anonymous said...

really nice wishlist, i want me one of those headbands! they look really cool


Katrine Alberte said...

Wauw great stuff! Im in love with the YSL ring:)

drollgirl said...

oh how i want that ring! i am pretty sure i couldn't afford it, but it is divine!

and your new shoes. you must be stoked beyond belief!!! you must have a hell of a shoe collection -- ever growing and expanding, as it should!!! :)

fashion clocked said...

aww this is cool... have you tried Viktor and Rolfs flowerbomb perfume? it's one of my very favourites! I love the turban type headbands too so cool- sure we'll see each other wearing them in future posts?! katie.xx