Monday, 24 May 2010

tattoo mix

as promised here are the boyfriend's latest tattoos

the feather was inspired by model ross tanner (alice dellal's tattooed boyfriend), the doberman line-drawing on his wrist is a duncan x design and the smoking girl is an angelique houtkamp. i love that feather, love the simple lines, i might have to get one too.
the other ones (infinite triangle and house) are from older sessions, the house is also a duncan x.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

my life in hair

* long, natural straight hair up to the age of 17 * my last year of school, i decided to cut off my hair. probably the worst hair i ever had in my life. tried to improve the shortness with some highlights, still looked like a mushroom, still hated it * growing it out again, notice the red hair mascara on the tips? *

* black hair * working as receptionist at a hair salon, got my first proper bright colour * back to black, keeping the red strips underneath. at this time i was working as a writer for a music magazine. i did the clubbing column so was always at parties and events: 4 years of fun! * briefly dated a hairstylist who cut off some black and added some lighter bits*

* hugely bright orange & bleached white - my first meeting with the bleach * one of my favourite pics ever, at a party, as usual, with 70s flicks * back to black, but it just went grey in all the bleached places * bright pink phase, SO much fun! had this over a long spring and summer: bright pink at the front and top, and purple at the back *

* how often did i go back to black hair? * an attempt at dreads, not good * new cut and colour, still clubbing * the age of the mullet, so short on top and longer in the back. got my madonna piercing here too *

* black again but its now a mullet * in 2004 the mullet wasn't enough so i shaved a triangle just off my forehead, it was pretty awesome. a few years later a greek pop star did something similar - i was proud to say id already been there, done that * triangle growing out. this was when greece won the euro football cup, as you can see from my friend's greek flag tattoo * what to do with a growing-out shaved patch? dye it a different colour of course! i was half white, half black *

* got bored of this real quick. was back to working at a hair salon so i had free services * always wanted to go full bleach blonde. it took about 6 hours (2 bleaching sessions) to make the change, but i loved being blond * a year later my boss and i came up with another half-half idea. id been promoted to manager and we had a big party coming up so we made the front black and kept the back grey/white. also had extensions at this point so the look was pretty impressive * kept it for 3-4 months before i got fed up again *

*getting blonde again nearly killed my hair, i was bleaching every couple of weeks to get rid of the black * but it was nothing some extensions couldn't fix! * after 4 years of bleaching it was time to develop an allergy... since i was forced to change colour, i decided to have a cut too and got rid of the piercing * but there's nothing like having long hair. this was the red long-hair phase, if you worked in a salon wouldn't you take advantage of extensions? *

* eventually got tired of fake hair, so hello again to the bob! this chop got rid of all the damaged ends * started my current job of visual merchandising, decided to grow out the fringe and soften the look * going back to natural colour. i still dye it -keeps it shinier and more polished- but i can go for a couple of months without colouring which is probably a relief to my follicles * finally feel like its going where i want. ive got all the extreme colours and cuts out of my system, just keeping the ends lighter to be a bit rocky and i now try to plait it after every washing to make a more interesting volume *

Saturday, 22 May 2010


red herring jeans, asos tshirt, h by henry holland cardigan, jeffrey campbell charlie clogs

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

true blues

zara denim waistcoat worn as top, zara harems, stradivarius ballet flats
aaand my ysl arty ovale arrived today

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

burberry apples

obviously i could never afford the actual burberry prorsum boots above but ive just seen their twin sisters on ebay!..  never to soon to plan for winter shoes is it?

i also just bought essie's mint candy apple nail polish

Saturday, 8 May 2010

3 years & lace

boyfriend and i celebrated our 3-year anniversary on wednesday. should've really stayed home with my knee gel and ice, but we went out for a quick dinner date.
bershka waxed jeans, zara lace top, topshop blazer, topshop unique skater boots,
peacocks bag, accessorize flower necklace

i love you honey

ysl easter bonus

ysl arty ovale restocked on the saks website

Saturday, 1 May 2010

like, whoah

wowee, thanks for the response to the last post, it seems to have been my most popular outfit ever ever ever. and im up to 70 followers! in the next few weeks i think i shall have a giveaway to say thank you to everybody, so watch this space for the presents.

my knee started aching again.. been getting chronic pains in my left knee for years but this time its rather swollen and looks quite alarming.. ive had to retreat to the couch with an icepack..
had a few rainy afternoons -and i love wintery weather- so i was happy to pull out my cardigans again after a few hotish weeks. swollen knee thankfully keeping a low profile under the animal-print, although i did have a slight limp, quite unglamorous.
peacocks jeans &cardigan, random layered tees, topshop blazer, oasis scarf, stradivarius flower-hairband, mango bag, egoshego boots