Tuesday, 18 May 2010

true blues

zara denim waistcoat worn as top, zara harems, stradivarius ballet flats
aaand my ysl arty ovale arrived today


amy kelinda said...

WOW, that ring is beautiful! And though I'm not a fan of the harem pants style, I admit that you pull them off. I am beginning to think that you can pull ANYTHING off and look adorable, haha!

fashion clocked said...

whooppe your ring arrived and it is very beautiful- i read the sizes and sure they are pretty small?? Exciting times about the tattoos for you im sure!!xx
fashion clocked blog
kisses katie.xxx

battered couture said...

yaoooza! what a ring. enjoy luv.

A BRIT GREEK said...

That is one beauty & beast (size-wise) of a ring, love it!!!

Hope you had fun at the Tatt Parla, can't wait to see.

Oooh, what other juicy things do you have in your catalogue? Can you share??

ps. Hope your knees ok darl!

Katerina Yiannouli said...

Wow! This ring rocks!Enjoy!

Florendia said...

Really amazing ring! Me geia!

Thalia said...

love the ring and the top!!!!!!!!!
this look looks great on you girl!

drollgirl said...



kataifi said...

aplo ke omorfo...

kala gia to daxtilidi den to sizito! iperoxo!

Graham I. Haynes said...

This ring is amazing! If you're attracted to blue, go for it. It suits you well :)

PS. You asked me a question about male body hair a while back. In case you're still interested: I don't condone male waxing and such, except for the back. I do however, think a little trimming can be positive. I personally set a razor to #2 or #3 length and buzz off my excessive leg hair once a month. Eyebrow tweezing is only necessary for unibrows. But that's just me!

Raez said...

you've got noooo idea just how jealous I am for that ring! turwouise is my fave!

xx raez

noirohio vintage said...

I totally feel naked when I don't wear my ysl ring now! Beware, you'll get TONS of compliments on it..daily!
love it.

Annie Spandex said...

Your ring! I'm in love, too