Tuesday, 22 June 2010


somebody told me that this top looks like tissues after a few rounds in the washing machine.
i just love the peachy pink colour and the texture of the 'tissue' ruffles.

zara top, stradivarius grey vest and belt, miss selfridge jeans,
random purple socks, topshop allegra boots

bling closeups! (essie mint candy apple polish)
silver and turquoise from top: stradivarius, vintage (sagittarius zodiac sign!) and next

gold and turquoise from left: accessorize, don't-remember and ysl

Monday, 21 June 2010

heavy metal parking lot

going to the concert at the weekend and seeing kids so excited about music reminded me of a classic documentary that all rock-lovers (or 80s-lovers) HAVE to see: heavy metal parking lot.

in 1986 a couple of amateur film-makers carried a camera down to a concert venue and hung out with the heavy-metal fans waiting for a judas priest concert. this was way before any kind of reality-tv culture and the response from the kids was completely spontaneous. the mini-interviews that resulted are more fun and 'real' than anything i think we'd see today. there were stoners and groupies, drunk teens and kids with missing teeth, mullets and permed hair, bandanas, ripped clothes and amazing animal-print outfits!
awesome awesome fashion, and all absolutely authentic.

it was one of the presents i bought it for my boyfriend at xmas, he loved all the characters in it.
"graham", the "hell yeah" girl and the "punk belongs on mars" guy were our favourites.
you can find loads of clips on youtube but here's the trailer:

Saturday, 19 June 2010

death metal date night

so this was yesterday:

finished work at 8, rushed home and got changed

because i wanted to catch the 2nd day of a school-band festival which my friend organized.
its been happening for a few years in greece, it was its first year in cyprus

and the boyfriend wanted to see the guest stars: a greek death metal band
(septic flesh for all the metal fans out there)

got my frogs on. the gold one is new - a birthday present!

managed to get there by 9, ive never been ready that fast!

it was pretty awesome. 17 and 18-year old boys getting the chance to rock out with a full concert set up.
i was actually impressed at the quality of the music

beers, munchies and an flyer for an anti-fascist event. which i kept because south park was on it

my oasis studded ballerinas

boy's arms, legs and shoes

septic flesh. very image-conscious and theatrical, i liked them

not many people stayed seated, most of the kids ran down to the moshpit

the bf explained some heavy/death/black-metal stuff to me

cool view

hadn't had time to eat before the concert so on the way home we hit an all-night bakery for some junk food.
the muffin is carrot cake and it was amazing

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

birthday shoes

its the burberry-inspired boots i was talking about! i don't know how he found them because i didn't give him the shop, but the boyfriend managed to find these on ebay and get them to me for my birthday last week!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

love true till death

what i did today (angelique houtkamp). and a new lizard ring.
and an awesome documentary, i HIGHLY reccomend it to anyone who's into tattoo culture,
its quite amazing how many styles tattoos can have.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


yup, just to say i'm still alive. a lot's been going on and i'm thinking of some changes... hm. will be back more regularly soon! x