Saturday, 19 June 2010

death metal date night

so this was yesterday:

finished work at 8, rushed home and got changed

because i wanted to catch the 2nd day of a school-band festival which my friend organized.
its been happening for a few years in greece, it was its first year in cyprus

and the boyfriend wanted to see the guest stars: a greek death metal band
(septic flesh for all the metal fans out there)

got my frogs on. the gold one is new - a birthday present!

managed to get there by 9, ive never been ready that fast!

it was pretty awesome. 17 and 18-year old boys getting the chance to rock out with a full concert set up.
i was actually impressed at the quality of the music

beers, munchies and an flyer for an anti-fascist event. which i kept because south park was on it

my oasis studded ballerinas

boy's arms, legs and shoes

septic flesh. very image-conscious and theatrical, i liked them

not many people stayed seated, most of the kids ran down to the moshpit

the bf explained some heavy/death/black-metal stuff to me

cool view

hadn't had time to eat before the concert so on the way home we hit an all-night bakery for some junk food.
the muffin is carrot cake and it was amazing


Katerina Yiannouli said...

I like the turban! And schoolwave is really cool! Never gone but have heard a lot from my guitarist brother!

Anonymous said...

heell yeeaaahh!!

fashion clocked said...

This looks like heaps of fun- and you made it looking gorgeous as ever- rocking the turban miss!xxxx
fashion clocked
would love you to call by.x

Annie Spandex said...

Your boyfriend is hot! I said it. Your froggy/skull bracelet is pretty hot, too. ;)

kot-itsa said...

8ea!maresei to bapsimo sto mati!

eunomiastyle said...

your blog ist's fantastic !

Anonymous said...

gorgeous turban...still having been able to find one as nice as yours!

Shukura Li said...

thankyou for the feedback i really appreciate it

can u please doa pics maybe or video on how u tied your headscarf


amy kelinda said...

I seriously think you are one of the only people out there who can rock a turban and look ridiculously awesome. A lot of the photos didn't load for me, though. :( Sads... But it sounds like you guys had an awesome time! Death metal is definitely not my thing, but I can appreciate it, haha!

natalie said...

Great pictures, seems like a really fun night! You look amazing with the turban, love your ballet flats too! :)

drollgirl said...

love the makeup! and the studded flats!

my last bf took me to some heavy shows. slayer, etc. LOUD. but rather entertaining. i don't like all death or black metal...just some of it. it is rather intense!

battered couture said...

as I have said before, adorable couple you two make. and as for septic flesh they fuckin rule :)

Liz said...

i need a tutorial for the turban!
love me some black metal!

joanaddicted said...

ta spas!!!