Monday, 21 June 2010

heavy metal parking lot

going to the concert at the weekend and seeing kids so excited about music reminded me of a classic documentary that all rock-lovers (or 80s-lovers) HAVE to see: heavy metal parking lot.

in 1986 a couple of amateur film-makers carried a camera down to a concert venue and hung out with the heavy-metal fans waiting for a judas priest concert. this was way before any kind of reality-tv culture and the response from the kids was completely spontaneous. the mini-interviews that resulted are more fun and 'real' than anything i think we'd see today. there were stoners and groupies, drunk teens and kids with missing teeth, mullets and permed hair, bandanas, ripped clothes and amazing animal-print outfits!
awesome awesome fashion, and all absolutely authentic.

it was one of the presents i bought it for my boyfriend at xmas, he loved all the characters in it.
"graham", the "hell yeah" girl and the "punk belongs on mars" guy were our favourites.
you can find loads of clips on youtube but here's the trailer:


Florendia said...

Sounds so cool!

amy kelinda said...

Hahaha! Heavy metal parking lot... that sounds like it'd be a great collection of interesting people for sure!

drollgirl said...

well you KNOW i have seen this movie (about 10 times)!!!!

battered couture said...


Nadia DI$COUNT said...

man this looks awesome!! so wanna see it! you rock always find the best shit xo

joanaddicted said...

If only i could turn back time!!!