Monday, 19 July 2010

the new bling

some new things
birthday-present ram ring from the bf

accessorize elephant necklace (voucher for bday present, awesome!)

not really new, this topshop heart necklace is my sister's. it was one of the things she left here when she moved to australia and when i wear it, it reminds me of her. one of my current favourites xxx

love heart ring from accessorize, big orange ring from asos

mango totem-pole bird necklace. i got the last one from the window (benefits of knowing the other staff in the mall!) but its still available on asos

my boss -store manager- surprised me today with two necklaces that she doesn't wear anymore.
this is full of ancient-looking coin charms and bits of seashell, i love it

the final thing from the accessorize coupon, i love the purple. unfortunately its plastic, i wish it was real rock

Sunday, 18 July 2010

twilight zodiac

went to see twilight eclipse tonight with my best friend (we liked it)
the tee is actually from the boy's section of bershka, i thought the gothic zodiac would kinda suit the movie
zara jeans, bershka boy's tshirt, next ballet flats

a couple of shots from the cinema: vintage seats in the restrooms and red wall &chandelier stairwell

Friday, 16 July 2010

chloe fall-winter 2010

ive mentioned before that i used to hate brown. but then how come i want almost everything in this collection? (the fur at 0:45!? i die)

and this below will be my next haircut, planned for october-november time, when its a bit longer. ive already discussed winter fringes with my hairdresser and he's just as excited as i am! for now i'll be keeping my natural colour but perhaps i'll go a bit blonder next summer depending on how allergic i still am to the bleach...

here's the full picture below. i just love everything about this campaign:
the clothes, the hair, the colours, the photography and of course raquel zimmermann, what a beauty..


i love this tshirt

zara tshirt, mango jeans & bird totem-pole necklace (you can find it on asos
next ballet flats, uterque bag, ysl and accessorize rings

Saturday, 10 July 2010

hoop & chain

mismatched earrings fun: one hoop, one chain

very happy that my hair is getting longer too!
zara harems, mango deer tshirt (almost a year since i bought it! see it here. tonight i cut off its sleeves to freshen it up),
stradivarius belt, next ballet flats

Friday, 9 July 2010

black lace

a lil' something from last weekend
peacocks lace dress (2 years old!) & bag, stradivarius belt & wedges

Thursday, 8 July 2010

turban how-to

as requested, here is how i make my turbans:
you can use any scarf.
longer ones make bigger knots and have more material to tuck in, so they will look bulkier.
now make sure hair is flat, i usually tuck it behind my ears

pull one edge flat across the forehead and start gathering the material together at the sides and back

you should end up with something like this, like two tails

pull one through the other

and bring the ends forward. before you start making bigger knots, make sure your forehead is clear of straggly bits of hair or fringe, just brush them back under the scarf

pull the ends through each other again, this will make the front detail of the turban

make a knot detail and tuck the extra ends all around under the sides


if you want it bigger in front (or still have too much scarf left!),
just repeat the last step so you get two knots on top of each other

see? its bigger now

tuck everything in at the back and the sides

fix the details, somethimes the knots are unbalanced or you might get bits of scarf sticking out of the sides.
i also usually fluff out & hairspray my hair at the bottom for some volume

finished! see how the side is kinda double, because of the layers tucked under each other
less-wide scarves might have to be tied around the head rather than over, since they won't cover your hair as completely as this, but ive managed to do it without too much difficulty.
im sure there are other ways to make turbans (possibly even making it in reverse, with the first two tails coming to the front and going on from there) but this is what came out of my experiments, happy wrapping!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

goodnews wednesday


good news ive had in the last few days:
1. my knee does not require surgery, just mineral supplements and exercise to strengthen the leg muscles
2. ive been given the position of area merchandiser at the brand i work for. meaning, that instead of working in-store in one shop, i'll be coordinating and supervising the merchandising for all our stores (6 all over the island). i'll be training staff on fashion trends & styling and working with the brand manager on sales, targets and store set-ups. starting september, i'll have a month of training abroad (hello adventure!) and once i get back, i won't have to wear shop-uniform anymore or work superlong shop-hours - megabonuses for me.
im SO excited! this is what i wore to my first officially official meeting today.

next tee, zara olive jeans -really great colour makes these my favourite jeans at the moment-,
vintage scarf, accessorize elephant necklace, topshop bag, janni &janni boots

Sunday, 4 July 2010

string & satin & brogues

this string vest is fun, a bit see-through but perfect for layering
pull&bear grey vest, mango satin harems, frandami acrylic clutch bag, stradivarius lace-ups

Saturday, 3 July 2010

polaroid - the exhibition

remember my contribution to the polaroid project that i mentioned back in march?
i forgot to show you my boyfriend's one. he decided to take two of his hand-painted qees (the orange one is actually mine, he made it for me one xmas) on a road-trip around town.
it was an amusing afternoon, the qees were like little alien tourists.

a couple of weeks ago, the project came to an end and there was an exhibition at the offices of the newspaper which helped organize it. i think there were over 300 pictures in total, by people of all different carreers and backgrounds.
as a graphic designer, the boyfriend loved all the old letter/printing press machines which are exhibited in the hall (kinda like a printing museum!) and we got some good comment about our photos.