Friday, 16 July 2010

chloe fall-winter 2010

ive mentioned before that i used to hate brown. but then how come i want almost everything in this collection? (the fur at 0:45!? i die)

and this below will be my next haircut, planned for october-november time, when its a bit longer. ive already discussed winter fringes with my hairdresser and he's just as excited as i am! for now i'll be keeping my natural colour but perhaps i'll go a bit blonder next summer depending on how allergic i still am to the bleach...

here's the full picture below. i just love everything about this campaign:
the clothes, the hair, the colours, the photography and of course raquel zimmermann, what a beauty..


fashion clocked said...

Love chloe , love the campaign and i know this will look awesome on you! Would love to pull of a fringe but my face suits hair up I think!xxxx
would love you to call by.
fashion clocked
kisses katie.xx

natalie said...

I actually really like brown, I think it's an underrated colour, glad to see it in all its glory!

ps. of course I want to exchange links, can't believe I haven't added your link on my blog yet! Fixed it! :)

jemina said...

in my book, chloe can do no wrong, and i think that hairstyle is amazing, sometimes i also miss having a fringe :)), xoxo

Anonymous said...

i usually hate brown too but i love this tan color

joanaddicted said...

sweet rock love, u've been awarded! check me out, lots -looots- of kisses from the beautiful island i'm right now - Kythnos. CHEERS!
p.s. can't wait November to see your hair result! Im thinking a change for myself too - should i go for the orange????