Saturday, 3 July 2010

polaroid - the exhibition

remember my contribution to the polaroid project that i mentioned back in march?
i forgot to show you my boyfriend's one. he decided to take two of his hand-painted qees (the orange one is actually mine, he made it for me one xmas) on a road-trip around town.
it was an amusing afternoon, the qees were like little alien tourists.

a couple of weeks ago, the project came to an end and there was an exhibition at the offices of the newspaper which helped organize it. i think there were over 300 pictures in total, by people of all different carreers and backgrounds.
as a graphic designer, the boyfriend loved all the old letter/printing press machines which are exhibited in the hall (kinda like a printing museum!) and we got some good comment about our photos.



joanaddicted said...

how r u my girl? What a great concept - amazing pics!! and i also like the industrial scenery of the expo! congrats to your bf!!!!

Florendia said...

Ha ha ha! They look so cute:D

drollgirl said...

i am so glad he did this! and i love the documentation shots! and it is always REALLY nice to get good feedback on this sort of thing, so congratulations to your man (and to YOU for helping him)!