Thursday, 8 July 2010

turban how-to

as requested, here is how i make my turbans:
you can use any scarf.
longer ones make bigger knots and have more material to tuck in, so they will look bulkier.
now make sure hair is flat, i usually tuck it behind my ears

pull one edge flat across the forehead and start gathering the material together at the sides and back

you should end up with something like this, like two tails

pull one through the other

and bring the ends forward. before you start making bigger knots, make sure your forehead is clear of straggly bits of hair or fringe, just brush them back under the scarf

pull the ends through each other again, this will make the front detail of the turban

make a knot detail and tuck the extra ends all around under the sides


if you want it bigger in front (or still have too much scarf left!),
just repeat the last step so you get two knots on top of each other

see? its bigger now

tuck everything in at the back and the sides

fix the details, somethimes the knots are unbalanced or you might get bits of scarf sticking out of the sides.
i also usually fluff out & hairspray my hair at the bottom for some volume

finished! see how the side is kinda double, because of the layers tucked under each other
less-wide scarves might have to be tied around the head rather than over, since they won't cover your hair as completely as this, but ive managed to do it without too much difficulty.
im sure there are other ways to make turbans (possibly even making it in reverse, with the first two tails coming to the front and going on from there) but this is what came out of my experiments, happy wrapping!


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Thalia said...

hey girl! thanks for sharing this! i ll definitely give it a go!

vint junky said...

Aw thanks for this hon...i was hoping you would do a little how to!
I'm thinking I definitely need to purchase some less slippy scarves!

Katerina Yiannouli said...

I will try it on my vacations for sure! Who has time for hair on vacations? Thanks for sharing!

kot-itsa said...

ama me deis emena me tourmpani 8a mou peis pws thn skala dn thn ekala kala!

Nadia DI$COUNT said...

Awwwwww you look so pretty in all of these!!! xo