Sunday, 18 July 2010

twilight zodiac

went to see twilight eclipse tonight with my best friend (we liked it)
the tee is actually from the boy's section of bershka, i thought the gothic zodiac would kinda suit the movie
zara jeans, bershka boy's tshirt, next ballet flats

a couple of shots from the cinema: vintage seats in the restrooms and red wall &chandelier stairwell


fashion clocked said...

such an awesome tee and the cinema looks ace! I havent watched any ( gasp) of the twilight films yet but am planning to!xxx Thanks alwayd for your kind words!
fashion clocked
I would love you to visit.xx Katie.x

Parakmiako Ergaleio said...

Τέλειο vintage cinema!!!

Annie Spandex said...

I don't care much for Twilight but Robert Pattinson is the cutest thing since James Dean :)
I guess that makes me Team Edward, huh?

Paint it Black said...

Your Cinema looks gorgeous love the design. Your outfit was spot on love the tee.

Are'nt those aviator jackets amazing I am hoping the Next one makes it into store xoxo said...

love old cinemas, make you feel like you are the star in your own movie!

drollgirl said...

love that red wall!

and i thought the movie was just ok. except the line where jacob told edward, "i'm hotter than you." that made me LAUGH AND LAUGH AND LAUGH!!!