Wednesday, 4 August 2010

alchemy boys

another tshirt from the boys section. the gothy drawings remind me of alchemy and wizards and such.
i love the olivey-browny-orangey colours.
pretty awesome, although i don't know how i'd feel if i bumped into a teenage boy wearing my top, heh.

bershka boy's tshirt, zara cropped trousers, jeffrey campbell clogs,
mango bag, veeeery old stradivarius fan earrings


joanaddicted said...

your clogs baby!!! your clogs made me craaaazy!!!!! and perfect bag ;-)
oso gia to t-shirt poso apsogo to gothic print kai poso pio apsogo oti to ksetrypwses apo boys section! thea once again!

drollgirl said...

i like the tee, the colors, the longer hair, and THE EARRINGS!!! so much!

and i used to have a boyfriend that was into death metal and stuff. lol. you don't need to explain a thing. i can handle SOME of it. in fact, a friend and i are going to see slayer soon. that isn't really death metal, but probably as close as i can get to it without cringing or laughing! you know. maybe? hahaha

anywhoo, hope all is well, and thank you for all of your rad comments. :)

natalie said...

LOVE the tee!! Soooo cool!