Tuesday, 24 August 2010


just got home from a 13-hour workday, yeeha! so quick post.
i was playing with the try-it-on application on the opi website yesterday (you can even adjust the hand to your skintone and nail-length, so fun!) and found the two colours i want my nails to be this winter, basically brownish greys, i love that they're kinda scummy and grungy.
what do you think? what colours are you planning for next season?



natalie said...

Sweet, didn't know OPI had such an application! Love the colours you chose, right now I'm loving Mavala's "Berlin", a lovely grey one.

Collette Osuna said...

I totally LOVE that feature on the OPI site....have you tried the new Swiss Collection that was released on Aug 4? I have six of the colors.....LOVE them!!

Raez said...

not a fan of the brown, but i will be rocking the dark purples and blues next season!

xx raez

joanaddicted said...

definitely grey and dark blue! big kiss love


oh hello, same nail colours with me right now!



Emilie said...

I discovered that application last week! Awesome!
Love the "over the taupe" color!

Just Another Londoner said...

I love the names Opi give their varnishes! It must be so fun to be the person who makes them up.

Kloé Adriana. said...

I love, love loooove OPI - they have the best names for their polishes.

These shades are great! xoxo