Sunday, 26 September 2010

cam fun

arrived in spain last night, a smaller town outside barcelona with not much to see or do, especially on a sunday. so after a few walks around the neighbourhood, i decided to hole up in my hotel room with a mcflurry and my laptop.
on friday i'll be starting the trip home, where i'll be jumpng on my bf the minute i see him.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

budapest uniform vs barcelona uniform

stradivarius parka, h&m horseprint cardigan, pull&bear sneakers, jennyfer bag

bershka boy's tee, peacocks stripy cardigan, h&m skinny jeans, jennyfer bag, pull&bear sneakers

variations of this is what ive been wearing for the last few weeks of training: skinny jeans, layers of tshirts &cardigans, a big bag and sneakers. plus my trusty parka (love it, love it and only 12.99 in the sales!) in budapest where it was slightly colder. easy to work in, easy to walk around in but i'm gonna be so happy to get back to stylish outfits and heels.. just a few days left now!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

more changing rooms

tomorrow will start my 3rd week of (merchandising) training, 3rd week of being in budapest. i do an 8-hour shift at whatever store my trainer is at, but once finished, i have nothing to do until the next day. therefore i don't need to tell you that ive tried on most of everything in h&m.. it was the shop i was saving my pennies for because we don't have it in cyprus. here's today's selections:

oversized white shirt with a ruffly collar and a detachable black ribbon-tie
this was the only thing i bought, it'll look good tucked-in and out&long

a stripy olive tee, nice and basic

the same tee but in white polka-dot, again basic-but-cute

a leopard-print jumpsuit - could work with lots of bling and black shoes/accessories,
but in the end i decided not to..

next saturday i'm heading to barcelona for 5 days to finish off my training in the brand's pilot store.
then back home on the 1st oct, im almost counting the hours!

budapest sights

what i did last weekend

and loads more, which will have to be another post...

Thursday, 9 September 2010

homesick. but warm

finished early today and didn't want to go back to my lonely hotel room (the novelty of being alone wore off pretty quick) so i hit the shops. im not allowing myself to enter any stores that we have in cyprus, the purpose is to buy things that i can't get back home.
excuse the changing-room setting but check the new sweaters!

some brand called ann christine (bought in XL)

h&m - i LOVE the horseprint! bought in L, beacuse they only had 3 larges left

h&m polka-dot cardigan, the dots are fluffly

been working non-stop since i arrived so i haven't seen much of budapest's sights. hopefully i'll be able to do a bus-tour sometime at the weekend, lets just hope its not cold and rainy (as it was yesterday, brrrr!...)

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

welcome to fashion street

first day in budapest trying to find my hotel, this sign just popped out at me

and my first 4 purchases

bought these in c&a. they had a huuuge range of jewellery, including some gorgeous green-and-black long feather earrings. definitely going back there before i leave!

Sunday, 5 September 2010


zara shirt and trousers, stradivarius nude heels, frandami acrylic clutch bag
one of my 70% sales bargains: a plain white shirt from zara, yay.
paired it wth a two-year-old pair of carrot pants (they look black but they're actually dark-grey pinstripe), also from zara.
i really need to stop going in there on my breaks.

Saturday, 4 September 2010


peacocks madonna tshirt, zara trousers, jeffrey campbell clogs, next bag

before-and-after pics from my visit to the hairdressers today. no big changes, just darkening the roots and lightening the ends.
planning a fringe for sometime in october/november.
tomorrow im off on my merchandiser training trip: 3 weeks in budapest and 5 days in barcelona.
never been to hungary, getting quite excited!