Sunday, 19 September 2010

more changing rooms

tomorrow will start my 3rd week of (merchandising) training, 3rd week of being in budapest. i do an 8-hour shift at whatever store my trainer is at, but once finished, i have nothing to do until the next day. therefore i don't need to tell you that ive tried on most of everything in h&m.. it was the shop i was saving my pennies for because we don't have it in cyprus. here's today's selections:

oversized white shirt with a ruffly collar and a detachable black ribbon-tie
this was the only thing i bought, it'll look good tucked-in and out&long

a stripy olive tee, nice and basic

the same tee but in white polka-dot, again basic-but-cute

a leopard-print jumpsuit - could work with lots of bling and black shoes/accessories,
but in the end i decided not to..

next saturday i'm heading to barcelona for 5 days to finish off my training in the brand's pilot store.
then back home on the 1st oct, im almost counting the hours!



Brilliant picks, liked every shot.

fashion clocked said...

Hey gorgeous... so sorry i havent been in touch! I have been away on holiday and now im back just had a huge catch up!! Wish i could join you for the dull times- im sure there are real treasures to find. I am a huge fan of my own space, as well as in company but seriously i feel for you too much time spent alone makes me crazy! Love the shirt and the stripes and I love the horse cardi in an earlier post!katie.xxxx
fashion clocked

A BRIT GREEK said...

Hope you're well despite the location! I could go crazy in H&M too, so much yumminess this season!

I picked out the striped cardi with ruffled ott shoulders!
Happy shopping!

joanaddicted said...

don't worry babe, u'll soon be back home! till then, dont think about it and try to take the most out of your training and the trip opportunities, like meeting new people and feeling the different vibe! p.s. the leopard print jumpsuit - adoreeeeee

Gorgeous Clara said...

love all the clothes

Annie @ Wiloh said...

Great stuff! xx

Froso M. said...

Why didn't u buy the leopard jumpsuit, I am sure you would rock it! I will search for it tommorow, I wanna try it on!

kelsea said...

love that army green top.

drollgirl said...

budapest?! barcelona?! you lucky thing!

but you are so right -- traveling/exploring solo does get a bit lonely after a while. but the homecoming you get when you see your man should be awesome!

p.s. the h&m prices are REALLY hard to beat!

Kloé Adriana. said...

Love these shots, some adorable outfits going on :D xoxo

Georgia said...

nice clothes! x

Velveteen said...

Oh, you should have got the leopard one! Great blog, btw!

Veronica Glam said...

I am dying to get the leopard jumpsuit, hopefully I find it in my local H&M...crossing my fingers!