Saturday, 9 October 2010

notes to self - the exhibition

 boyfriend's group exhibition opened last night!
all three of his pieces had already sold to different collectors from the private preview the gallery held, so we had much reason to celebrate. im so proud!

 exhibition invitation - the sketches are his

cover and back-cover of 'ysterografo', the companion magazine for the exhibition.
the drawings are from his sketchbook.

his double-page spread inside the magazine you can read it online here (english and greek)

yay, three months of hard work and finger blisters finally paid off!

and of course, from the afterparty

h&m dress, next lace blazer, stradivarius belt, topshop aggy boots


Follow me home said...

Your mans work is very interesting, I do alot of illustration work and its tough but so enjoyable!! well done.
I love the h&m white shirt with the black tie that you bought, cant see it online tho =(

really enjoying your blog

kot-itsa said...

ena 8a pw..exeis arxisei na omorfaineis epikyndina!!

Paint it Black said...

He is really talented sounds like a really exciting evening love your outfit too I am sure he is as proud of you as you are of him xoxo

fashion clocked said...

wowwww i love this- the photos of you together are adorable and seriously his work is awesome!!!! Huge congrats on the exhibiton- something i would totally love to have visited!!! I did some cool project with cogs, machinery etc for wallpaper designs at uni which remind me a little of this... AMAZING! Hope you are well beauty- LOVE THE HAIR TOO- even more like the reiss lookbook we both fell inlove with!! xxx Katie.x

joanaddicted said...

wow congratulations! that's what we can call important! I can imagine how happy you are guys.. when your work is actually paid off and everyone share same thoughts as yours.. cause most of the times, artists are quite doubtful about their work.. so nothing matters more than this! congrats again, from the bottom of my heart! the pieces look very unique, but i'd be so glad to take a closer look.. too bad we 're that away...! ;-)

Esther said...

congratulations to your man! i love his work, especially the one of the 'AHA' <3 ingenious. thanks so much for visiting for blog & for your sweet comments!! i welcome you to flood me with comments anytime haha :D