Sunday, 16 January 2011

one month later

woot im back baby!

mango jeans & wedge boots, h&m cardigan, topshop scarf, asos beret

was completely bulldozed by the xmas period this year, working in retail is a bitch! the whole of december was hectic. by new-years-sales-time i was zonked, got the flu, went into hibernation and basically spent all free time in my pjs eating way too much chocolate and watching tv shows. did all 4 seasons of gossip girl in two weeks, plus seasons 3&4 of skins in one week (WTF WITH THE END!? anybody else in denial like me?)
finally feeling back to normal, i'll be wearing more than my pyjamas now so back to blogging, yay!
happy (late) new year everybody, be visiting you all soon xxx


Anonymous said...

epitelous u r back! missed the blog!
marina ergatoude

kot-itsa said...

xronia polla k perastika!mas eleipses!

Vixen said...

so good to have you and your rocking outfits back!Happy new year!

natalie said...

Welcome back girl! TV shows are necessary when hibernating. I love Gossip Girl, and I think I need to watch Skins, looks great.

Great cardi!

joanaddicted said...

i'm glad you're back my love. but i'm also glad you had a great huge break from all the shit!!!!! :))))
missed u indeed!

forbiddenid said...

Epitelous! Welcome back dear, itan aisthiti i apousia sou :) Happy new year!

Froso M. said...

Happy you're back! Everybody needs a break from now to then.

drollgirl said...

hey cutie! it is good to see that you are back. the holidays are NO FUN for the retail folk. ugh! but at least that time is behind you for now.

love the outfit!

and thank you for your sweet comment. you are the best. :)

Anonymous said...

welcome back!!

amy kelinda said...

Yaaaaay, you're back! I'm looking forward to more of your fun and funky outfits!

A BRIT GREEK said...

Welcome back too hun, i know what you mean, try combining 12 hrs of work 6 hrs a day, plus entertaining, broken lappy and the rest, ugh!

But, tis the new year so all is fabulous!

Hope you're well doll.

vint junky said...

Aw lovely to have you back lady! Love this OS cardi on you.
And yep, TOTALLY agree, the holidays are a nightmare for retailers. First time in 10 years I haven't worked it, and really didn't miss it.
Glad you're back on form now hon
ps. Skins-Yes absolutely in denial. Poor freddie!

fashion clocked said...

I wondered where you were! Happy New Year beauty, sound slike a hectic Christmas for you- hope you got some great presents. LOVE this look- so stunning everything about it! Katie.xx
fashion clocked