Saturday, 29 January 2011

shiny & lacy & parky

sigh.. don't you hate it when your favourite pvc leggings lose the stretch and go baggy at the knees? and another outing for the parka, i really love throwing it over girly outfits

stradivarius parka, leggings & peeptoe boots, topshop lace shirt, oasis bow-pin, zara bag


Paint it Black said...

Love this outfit and how annoying about the leggings but they still look fine and that dress is stunning loving the bow and the parka looks fab thrown over it xoxo

fashion clocked said...

chloe you look gorgeous- totally coveting the whole look on you! the lace the bow tie the girly meets masculine vibe so so awesome. I am currently crushing on the brand 'the kooples' have you seen their adverts? so so awesome- think you would love it too!Katie.xx
fashion clocked

A BRIT GREEK said...

Well hey girl, i love a good parka and love throwing it over anything girly and mixing a look up.
Love your touch of lace!

I am so in need of Spring/summer already, it's been a been yucky in Athens! But I so totally know what you mean about the el scorchio summers!

Froso M. said...

To papigion-karfitsa ta spaei!


been craving for that kind of green jacket for a while now, but can't manage to get the impressive ones. i'm so into the ones you're wearing.



Isquisofrenia said...

how pretty the laceup dress is lovely .
yeah i hate whe that happens i sometimes wash them i hot water and then it works!

battered couture said...

fantastically grunge of you :)

vint junky said...

I wouldn't be able to resist throwing it on over girl things either. It's so perfect for scruffing up the pretty.
LOVE that dress and especially with the bowtie

Lopi said...

I love parkas paired with girlie dresses!

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

love love love. x hivennn