Saturday, 12 February 2011

random alice

with "not in love" and "celestica" on repeat on my ipod, ive rediscovered my love for crystal castles. and also remembered that nobody does random like alice glass. she makes cartoons look hardore


army surplus sweater


i bet hannah montana didn't see that coming

leonardo (probably my favourite)

darth vadar and whales

im still frustratedly hunting for a white pair of converse booties. there appear to be none in the whole of my town's shops, how is that possible? ebay here i come


forbiddenid said...

Ethymise mu ena pio soft-core version tis Brody Dale..alla protimw tin touti!

You might like these:

Hannah said...

perfect for any occasion :)

Annie Spandex said...

Hey, thanks so much for the videos! Stevie Nicks is [I can't think of the right word--awesome, amazing, a goddess?] ah!
This girl's t-shirt collection is impressive, I'd love to dig through it. Are you looking for ivory/natural Cons or true white? I've never seen true white, but ivory is pretty classic/common--crazy you can't find them! Yeah, they've gotta be on ebay. Will you be making them creepers? ;) j/k XX

Luxi said...

I just think she is so beautiful, her eye make up is to die


joanaddicted said...

love her love her love her love her love her looooooooooooooooove her!

Lopi said...

reminded me of my Care Bears t-shirt and my Little Miss and Little Men ones. yeah, I have those and wear them with high-waist skirts and heels :)

drollgirl said...

i don't even know this woman. clearly i live in a cave!!!

amy kelinda said...

Wow, I love her take on rocker casual gear! And you're right, I bet Hannah Montana DIDN'T see that coming! The Leo shirt is probably my favorite too, followed only by the whales (I have a soft spot for killer whales).

I wish I could send you some Converse hightops! We have LOADS here!

Gawgus things... said...

You need to come to Paris! Have you thought about how I can pay you for that print yet? xx

Anonymous said...

haha i lvoe her in the hannah montana shirt

A BRIT GREEK said...

Awesome style! i love her in the 2nd image!

Your comment made me lol - i guess i'd 'rip my hair' out if i hear it again!

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

so beautiful. x hivennn

vint junky said...

Gawd, i don't know her. She's amazing. I have serious hair envy right now ;)
Ps. My old employers office stock every possible current colourway of the cons. There's def some white hi tops.