Saturday, 5 February 2011

red alert

mango jeans, vintage marks&spencer blazer, h&m sweater, egoshego boots,
accessorize heart-bag, stradivarius multi-chain necklace
been noticing a lot of red in stores recently and remembered that i had these really old jeans hiding somewhere. during the search i also found this green shoulder-padded gold-buttoned blazer which i bought at a church bazaar over a year ago and have never worn: craazy! the bag was an xmas present for the bf three years ago, it fits nothing.


Sparkles said...

love this outfit. red + black = hot! x

DaBlackSjp said...

Nice look! I like the red touch'

forbiddenid said...

T-E-L-E-I-O, full of London vibes! Sovaromilas gia to jacket?! Opote akouw gia pazaraki stin ekklisia tha vourw :P

P.S. Chloe mou if i'm not asking too much, se poio hairstylist pas gia ta mallia sou?

drollgirl said...

looking lovely little lady!

red alert. that is from a song! i am trying to think of it. humph. GOT IT! a rush song. i am guessing that reference will be lost here, but i feel better that i thought of it. lol

fashion clocked said...

this is awesome and you look gorgeous! love the red jeans and they look lonnnng i need them as mine are too big and too short= bummer! As for the senso boots- i love the shape although the pink leo is a bit on the wild side for me! I love the black glitter pair and the silver pair, and also the black hair pair!!Katie.xx
fashion clocked

Froso M. said...

To kokkino xrwma mou exei ginei emonh fetos! Teleio look, to tsantaki dinei thn telikh pinelia!

vint junky said...

I've missed so much! Just catching up!!
Love the colour pop and bah! who needs a big purse...that's what BF's are for ;)