Tuesday, 15 February 2011


some of it is christmas presents that i never showed off, some is from sales, some is just new

stardivarius chuck bass tee
i have it on good authority that there is only one of these on the island, gossip girl doesn't show on local tv so the order was blocked by the cyprus franchise. this one came by accident, guess who managed to get her hands on it?

horse pin

asos skull ring

topshop ring

stradivarius tasselled loafers

getting my true blood fix. unfortunately not finding the books as exciting as the tv show

mango rings

topshop quartz pendant


Grazia Centrone said...

the skull ring is amazing!!!^_^


fashion clocked said...

hey beauty love all your stuff and i saw the chuck bass tee in barcelona! how funny about it being the only one! i cant remember who you work for out of the inditex group? seriously they own so much of barcelonas shops. i love uterque but a bit disappointed with the new collection? (no sale either bummer )hope you are well? katie.xx
fashion clocked

Rosalina S. said...

Your cute flatshoes remind me about my new flatshoes who creates scar on my legs.
It hurted because I felt that my flatshoes are not comfortable ):
I wish yours fit to your legs :D

amy kelinda said...

Haha, that shirt is hilarious! And now you're the only gal in Cyprus with it. How crazy! I LOVE the bedazzled skull ring and the quartz pendant! Very cool!

Raez said...

loving your loafers and the quartz pendant! cute.

xx raez

kot-itsa said...

ax k egw ton agapw!

forbiddenid said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the rings. But have you noticed, especially the topshop ones, are fading out after a couple of wears?

I think Gossip Girl is on TvPlus:)

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

so lovely. x hivennn

Unknown said...

Εν τέλεια η μπλούζα σου!! Εν να γυρέψω να την έβρω στην Αθήνα,ξέρεις αν κυκλοφορεί και με άλλους ήρωες του gossip girl?

(Διαβάζω σε πολλύ τζιαιρό αλλά σήμερα ήταν η πρώτη φορά που πραγματικά εζήλεψα τζι ένιωσα την ανάγκη να σου γράψω comment)


Strawberry Freckleface said...

Love the quartz pendant!

Strawberry Freckleface

Froso M. said...

Ayto to Tee me ton Chuck einai teleio, molis to ferane sth Thessaloniki, teleiwse thn idia mera!

Gawgus things... said...

I'm in love with the skull ring, but then you know I love skulls ;). Think I've done everything I need to if you check your end - not sure how long it takes to come through.Thanks again! xxxx

Evi said...

Hey..great blog...Loved the T-shirt and your rings.... ;)


vint junky said...

I can't get enough of True Blood, i'm holding out for it to become a daily soap instead of our cheesy regional ones. i can dream!