Wednesday, 20 April 2011

black vs brown

zara cropped harem pants, mango shirt, next lace blazer, topshop allegra boots

Sunday, 17 April 2011

loco world

pics from the concert we went to on thursday, a greek ska band called locomondo
they're so much fun, can't believe its been two years since the last time i saw them (check it here)

 i have a not-so-secret cruch on the singer

 beer and more beer

this post was not sponsored by carlsberg

 the boyfriend designed these skull tattoos for our friend, cool no?

remember my spikes? their first outing

Friday, 15 April 2011


stradivarius sleeveless shirt, zara vest & jeans & bag, egoshego boots, oasis bow
ok, not really lemony, more sorbet-yellow or chalk-yellow?
but its my new favourite colour, you almost can't see it. and funnily enough, not many people attempt the yellow... so yes i love this shirt and it comes in 4 colours, hmm... 

Saturday, 9 April 2011

3 days in 27 photos

just got back from a jam-packed 3-day training trip to spain
they happen twice a year, this was my first time

working all day, then taking a middle-of-the-night flight

5am at prague airport

looks interesting

fascinated by the endlessly mirrored lights in the restrooms

5hours waiting for the connecting flight, this is what cheap tickets get you

ooh, i see my hotel

hello bed. id been awake for 36 hours

breakfast: where do i begin!?

i love my job

my corner of the conference room

almost no time for shopping but managed to fit in 20 minutes of h&m
(navy jumpsuit & striped sweater dress)

day2: more merchandising

lighting, store maps & other details

motivation exercise, we all had to write why we love our job

my yellow jeans

international visual merchandisers, well, most of the group. met loads of cool people

barcelona by bus

my dream apartment

wish i had more time in barcelona, we were only there for a total of 7hours

after-meeting drinks

didn't want to leave but had to be at the airport at 5am

the hotel the company booked in barcelona was the one the boyfriend and i stayed in on our first holiday together 4 years ago!
such a random but cool coincidence

amusing myself at the airport shops. i decided this will be my next perfume
 its about time i had my "own-named" scent and it smells pretty gorgeous

flying on my own - again

back to my own bed, shower and washing machine

little ice crystal stars on the airplane window

happy to be home but already looking forward to the next one

Saturday, 2 April 2011


today i went vintage shopping with my sister and her husband
can you say SCORE!!!??

even the cat is in love with my new canvas boots

made in france oh la la!

ive died and gone to neon graffiti heaven
its covered in cities' names and there seem to be lots of "athens" on it, holla to my greek friends!

now possibly the best shirt in my wardrobe

yellow, zebras & karaoke

this one's for you bianca!

bershka boy's tee, stradivarius parka, lace collar removed from a random old tshirt,
mango jeans, ooold zebra heels from ebay

karaoke night with my best friend and her brothers last night
i refrained from singing although they did a wicked michael jackson, ha