Saturday, 9 April 2011

3 days in 27 photos

just got back from a jam-packed 3-day training trip to spain
they happen twice a year, this was my first time

working all day, then taking a middle-of-the-night flight

5am at prague airport

looks interesting

fascinated by the endlessly mirrored lights in the restrooms

5hours waiting for the connecting flight, this is what cheap tickets get you

ooh, i see my hotel

hello bed. id been awake for 36 hours

breakfast: where do i begin!?

i love my job

my corner of the conference room

almost no time for shopping but managed to fit in 20 minutes of h&m
(navy jumpsuit & striped sweater dress)

day2: more merchandising

lighting, store maps & other details

motivation exercise, we all had to write why we love our job

my yellow jeans

international visual merchandisers, well, most of the group. met loads of cool people

barcelona by bus

my dream apartment

wish i had more time in barcelona, we were only there for a total of 7hours

after-meeting drinks

didn't want to leave but had to be at the airport at 5am

the hotel the company booked in barcelona was the one the boyfriend and i stayed in on our first holiday together 4 years ago!
such a random but cool coincidence

amusing myself at the airport shops. i decided this will be my next perfume
 its about time i had my "own-named" scent and it smells pretty gorgeous

flying on my own - again

back to my own bed, shower and washing machine

little ice crystal stars on the airplane window

happy to be home but already looking forward to the next one


Unknown said...

Επιασα και γω το ίδιο jumpsuit σε μαύρο, από το H&M στην Αθήνα. Περιμένω να δω πώς θα το φορήσεις σε outfit post, εγώ σκέφτομαι να αλλάξω την ζώνη με κανένα πιο έντονο χρώμα για να κάμνει contrast.

Ωραία δουλειά πρέπει να έχεις πάντως :)

Unknown said...

Εμένα επειδή είναι μαύρο σκέφτομαι να βάλω μια ζώνη σε ροζ/φούξια ή σε τιρκουάζ, κάτι λίγο πιο καλοκαιρινό τελοσπάντων. Θα δω..

To μόνο σίγουρο για μένα είναι τα κοσμήματα. Μόλις το φόρησα σκέφτηκα πολλά δαχτυλίδια και μεγάλα cuffs όπως αυτό ή αυτό

Το ντεκολτέ δεν με προβληματίζει ιδιαίτερα, νομίζω ότι είναι μεν μεγάλο αλλά όχι χυδαίο. Anyway, αν παραανοίγει μπορούμε να το στερεώσουμε από μέσα με μια παραμάνα και problem solved :)

Vixen said...

you're damn lucky,looks like it was an exhausting yet fantastic trip!!!I was in Barcelona last year,had a marvellous time,one of the best cities in the world!

Gawgus things... said...

Great photos - love the hotel you were staying at. Wish I had a job I loved! XX

drollgirl said...

dude! you have one rad job! how i would lOVE to go to spain! but with a longer time line there and ZERO WORK! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Wow looks amazing! Im jealous!

Laura Mashir said...

Wow!Love Barselona,love H&M, love travelling!Don't love middle night flights though!
Welcome home!

Rosalina S. said...

what a tight schedule! but it seemed like u enjoyed them all :D

natalie said...

Wow, love the pictures! Seems like such a fun trip!

amy kelinda said...

Gorgeous photos, Chloe. That last one has me smiling, and I love the little corner of red from the plane. The trip sounds exhausting, though! Awake for 36 hours? AGH! It's too bad you didn't get to spend a lot of time in Barcelona, but at least you got to take in SOME of the sights! Like that amazing apartment, wow!

christina said...

χορταστικό ποστ απ όλες τις απόψεις... χεχε... πεινάω μάλλον γιατί το μυαλό μου έχει κολλήσει στην εικόνα με το μπουφέ του πρωινού...
ψάχνω για ελληνικά fashion blogs (καθότι είμαι νέα στο blogging και θέλω να βρω κι άλλους) και έπεσα τυχαία πάνω στο δικό σου. Μ' αρέσει! λέω να μείνω... για κάνε και εσύ μια βόλτα από τα μέρη μου ( να μου πεις μια γνώμη...:)

joanaddicted said...

i love your job too!!! shitttttt :)

Parakmiako Ergaleio said...

Huuuuuge numbers on the doors lol X-)