Saturday, 28 May 2011

3 nights out, some work and a coffee

things that have happened since my laptop died last month:

knitwear: left: zara poncho & jeans, mango boots
right: h&m dress, lace bib cut off from an old top, vintage boots

my sister's hen night - this was her hat. she did wear it most of the night

the hen-hat was her best friend's idea, how cute are they?

the best friend


signing the hen

can't have a hen night without nipple tassels, right?

second outing was the boyfriend djing: metal night

beavis and butthead documented by my friend's iphone

my new babies at work

a warehouse party? bring it on

coolest party poster 

bf was admiring this so i took a pic for him

bleached denim: left: stradivarius jeans & parka, bershka boy's tee, h&m bag, next kitten heels
right: zara shirt & denim vest, mango jeans, stradivarius nude heels

a recent discovery, a friend took me here recently and was quite amused at my squeals of delight
its a great little cafe in a totally vintage-cyprus style, check the tiled floor, full-wall shelving, beamed ceiling

i'm in love with this place

i've taken to having a sweet cyprus coffee as a treat. if you ever visit, you have to try it

dressed up: left: h&m jumpsuit, stradivarius nude heels
right: zara shirt & palazzo pants, stradivarius mini-blazer, h&m bag

Friday, 27 May 2011


hello massive t-shirts on ebay, i think i could fit you all into my wardrobe

h.r giger vs alexander mcqueen

smiley vs frankenstein
(p.s the computer is back and im ready to get back into blogging mode, yahh!)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

better feather

nothing spectacular in the outfit but a better view of the feather
owlita feather earring, zara shorts,
old dress with-sleeves-cut-off layered over an old tshirt, topshop allegra boots 

Saturday, 14 May 2011

owlita feather me

so the best parcel arrived yesterday from owlita
id been stalking their feather earring shop for ages and i finally got one, yayy!

with a gorgeous postcard, thank you ashley!
see the artwork (by joe kimmel) below, perfect balance of pretty and skull-y. love the animals too

im now the proud owner of the most AMAZING feather earring, i can't believe the quality, its fantastic!
i got the shorter version and its perfect for my hair length, just giving a flash of feather when i move

only had time for a quick trial (crap photo sorry!) before work but i'm completely and utterly in love 

their range is simply wow (mine is the 2nd one)

amazing, i would have them all if i could! check it out 

Saturday, 7 May 2011


first post from the boyfriend's laptop. mine is on its way to germany(!??) to the computer hospital
first outing for the neon graffiti shirt last week
and first time in years ive gone out with a ponytail. well, how else would my big earrings show?

vintage shirt, stradivarius pvc leggings, mango jacket, ebay boots