Saturday, 25 June 2011


 damn, that boyfriend is getting around! he's in another exhibition. this time we went for the moon
the photo doesn't do it justice, the gradient on the rocks and the blur around the moon are amazing
i like it cos its dark & gothic but romantic & hopeful at the same time

 on the street

 street heart

 "ancient greek theatre" vs "quit smoking"

 to another exhibition
our friends are university design lecturers (damn, we sound old) and it was their students' final show

my friend needs to teach me to ride his lambretta

 i like me some student wine packaging, ha

 checking the bling

left to right: ysl, dara ettinger, topshop, asos

Friday, 24 June 2011

happy me

don't usually make a fuss over my birthday but a couple of weeks ago...

mum brought me some gorgeous tulips


 and some chloe-in-a-bottle

 boyfriend got me this gemstone ring

 and these clear-heeled boots

and this cross-ring. which i decided to nail polish pink because thats how i roll

Saturday, 18 June 2011

books & hotdogs

 a beautiful renovated mansion in an old corner of town

where our friend held the presentation of her first book of poetry (here she is, the lovely lady signing copies) 

 the boyfriend did the design, layout, illustrations

the history of the house and its family through the generations

 illustrations done by hand

 they look like engravings


 and then off to a concert

 they were only here 2 months ago, but they still drew a crowd

 it was open-air this time, in a park

 hilarious inflatable hot-dog can

yummy trashy festival-ish hot dogs

a good night!

Monday, 13 June 2011


my sister got married, my cousin got married, our friends got married and got another 2 coming up

(the sis, at the cous' wedding)

a hairdresser friend of mine has been booked for 22 (TWENTYTWO) weddings this summer

inevitable: at some point the shoes just have to be abandoned for the dancing
by 3am all the girls were accessorizing their cocktail dresses with flipflops

Sunday, 5 June 2011

quartz marble

from left: accessorize, ebay and ebay
im really into rocks/crystals/gemstones at the moment
so much that i could build my sunday outfit around them, oh wait:

stradivarius vest, pull&bear pink marbled jeans, cinti studded baseball boots, h&m bag

Friday, 3 June 2011

mischa brings it

dont know what it is about her, but i like her
yes sometimes she looks a bit rough, sometimes she goes slightly mental.. but don't we all?
i know that if i had paparazzi chasing me all day id cringe at most of my photos
loving these recent(ish) pics

i particularly love this one:
the printed blouse, yellow skirt &shoes and pulled back hair, natural make-up (but blue nails!)
you go girl