Saturday, 18 June 2011

books & hotdogs

 a beautiful renovated mansion in an old corner of town

where our friend held the presentation of her first book of poetry (here she is, the lovely lady signing copies) 

 the boyfriend did the design, layout, illustrations

the history of the house and its family through the generations

 illustrations done by hand

 they look like engravings


 and then off to a concert

 they were only here 2 months ago, but they still drew a crowd

 it was open-air this time, in a park

 hilarious inflatable hot-dog can

yummy trashy festival-ish hot dogs

a good night!


Isquisofrenia said...

hes tiny and cutesy !! hahha
thank you for the baby wishes!

A BRIT GREEK said...

A book of poetry? Wow, that's pretty cool... plus the illustrations/graphics inside look good too.

Great snaps doll!

rouli said...


great drawings great book great place great people..great nught!

kiss dear:)

(thlw k gw kimono!opwsdhpote!fili!)


looks like fun!

CyPinGirl said...

hello there! the park where locomondo had their concert is actually pretty close to where i live! i went to the aglantzia jazz festival that same night, otherwise i would have probably gone to see the locomondos as well!
and also what/where is that cultural center? looks interesting!


joanaddicted said...

great illustrations!! congrats to your boy once more! And you in this picture.. beautiful beautiful pure beauty.

wobblinbetty said...

hey thank you for commenting on my blog!! I'm glad you liked what you saw! :)
loving the book design andillustrations, very up my alley!

drollgirl said...

love your pictures, girl!

and your man did an amazing job w/the illustrations!

Clara Campelo said...

Nice post.
Your blog is lovely!

natalie said...

Looks like a great night! The book looks really interesting.

battered couture said...

έπεσα με zwan :D
so nice to see you're having a great time.