Friday, 3 June 2011

mischa brings it

dont know what it is about her, but i like her
yes sometimes she looks a bit rough, sometimes she goes slightly mental.. but don't we all?
i know that if i had paparazzi chasing me all day id cringe at most of my photos
loving these recent(ish) pics

i particularly love this one:
the printed blouse, yellow skirt &shoes and pulled back hair, natural make-up (but blue nails!)
you go girl


Christy Jaldori said...

Mischa! She is my idol! I love her!

natalie said...

Yeah, she looks great, epsecially in the last ones. Perfect timing too, as I'm currently watching The O.C.

CyPinGirl said...

ohh, i like her too! and you're right, we're all going mental every now and then! ;)

CyPinGirl said...

by the way check out this mischa related post:

Teresa said...

Thanks for the blog love ;)
I certainly enjoy Mischa much more as a full blown blonde. That drop waist flowy little number I am particularly fond of.

Annie Spandex said...

I am SOOO with you on this. Team Mischa all the way! love her. She wears what she wants. Media is too mean to her. It's unfairly mean to Kesha as well. They don't pick apart young men in the same way.

vint junky said...

You're SO right! She has that innate style thing going on. I think she could make a sack look cool. Love that painted face and sheepskin coat pic

Kloé Adriana. said...

Couldn't agree more, she just seems to look amazing effortlessly and I'm somehow magnatised by her!

I love her handbag collections too... I got a wintery carpet bag by her 2 winters ago and it's still super stylish. Love for Mischa!