Saturday, 25 June 2011


 damn, that boyfriend is getting around! he's in another exhibition. this time we went for the moon
the photo doesn't do it justice, the gradient on the rocks and the blur around the moon are amazing
i like it cos its dark & gothic but romantic & hopeful at the same time

 on the street

 street heart

 "ancient greek theatre" vs "quit smoking"

 to another exhibition
our friends are university design lecturers (damn, we sound old) and it was their students' final show

my friend needs to teach me to ride his lambretta

 i like me some student wine packaging, ha

 checking the bling

left to right: ysl, dara ettinger, topshop, asos


Vixen said...

I sooooo want an art piece by your boyfriend in my room!!He's soooo talented!Lucky gal!
Oh the rings....Adore!!

Marie Duplessis said...

Love this blog :)
I'm following u


Leanns' Vintage said...

love the first one!

And love your tattoos :)


Taylor said...

I love the Dara Ettinger ring... so good.

Gawgus things... said...

Loving the bling girl and damn, your man's talented! Love this latest one by him :) Oh, and don't talk to me about feeling old!!! ;) xxx

drollgirl said...


and i am so glad that your man is having success selling art! YAY!!!!

Laura Mashir said...

Love your rings!

amy kelinda said...

Amazing art! And artist, of course! ;) Does he by chance have an online shop for prints? And seriously, I want to steal all of your bling. FREAKING. INCREDIBLE.

Feel What's Real said...

ohhh the rings!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annie Spandex said...

Very cool. You have the BEST rings! xx

Martha C said...

Obsessed with this outdit. The rings are amazinggg

armileen said...

awwwwesome blog! i love the artistic feel of it! i love how you paired this black ensemble with the pops of colour in your shoes(which i want btw) and those unique accessories. and loving those tats, i just wish i had the balls to get inked.

and thanks for stopping by! =)