Saturday, 20 August 2011

one times seven

probably one of my favourite tshirts ever ever ever

gothic zodiac bershka boy's tee, zara skirt (never worn - bought it last year, found it again last night!), vintage boots

loving it

and here it is in another 6 older ways: 

Friday, 19 August 2011


although im managing to wear boots the last few outings, i still feel too hot to accessorize.
but these leggings needed something... something like white and orange and carved and animal-headish

stradivarius leggings, oooold tshirt, mango bag, janni&janni boots
from left: pull&bear, galibardy, stradivarius, asos

Thursday, 18 August 2011

do or dont denim

stradivarius shirt, zara shorts, henry holland satchel, janni&janni boots
i don't remember if oversized double denim is in or out anymore. hmm

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

nails did

in my next career change im going to retrain as a nail artist. im serious.
at the moment my job of hauling boxes of clothes, shelves and mannequins leaves me with practically no chance of growing my nails let alone doing arty things on them.. so ive been doing some homework (i.e obsessing over nail tumblrs and manicure blogs)

extra-long length, sharp tips, reverse french manicure, animal prints, cartoons, block colours, stripes, shapes, metallics, flags, charms and chains: the list is endless and i want them all on my hands now

especially love these glitter fingertips but i could not find EVEN ONE chunky multi-coloured glitter nail polish in the shops today, pffff

i luv cyprus

can't tell you how many years i've wanted one of these little cyprus map charms
i saw a girl wearing one many-many years ago but didn't know her well enough to ask where she had got it from.. and today i randomly *found* one in an old touristy shop. YES, nothing beats that feeling!

Monday, 15 August 2011


and we're off

boyfriend driving, boyfriend playlist


managed to get a photo without annoying tourists in the way

cicada shell
(they're a kind of cricket, their chirping is a very mediterranean sound)
boyfriend designed a new logo for the department of forests - this is still the old one

botanical garden

his and hers

ridiculously long legs

could watch this all afternoon

he was in it all afternoon

pretty stones 

beach sunset

mountain sunset: the sun dipping into the sea
the view from my grandparents' house

blue & green

cute dog sunbathing


fruity love