Wednesday, 3 August 2011

back to black

so july was quite shitty. apologies in advance for long and heavy post

we had a series of explosions at a naval base on 11th july which killed 13 people and left 62 injured. it took out our biggest power plant, responsible for 60% of the island's electricity production so we are going through daily blackouts (40celcius temperature with no air conditioning and no fridge. trust me, no fun). companies are struggling to keep working with the non-stop electricity powercuts.

the crater at naval base: 50 metres wide, 10 metres deep
in remembrance for the victims: flowers and candles outside the presidential palace 

thousands of protesters outside the presidential palace, demanding the president's resignation

 this is easily the first time
that my generation has felt anything as strong as this in the political area

protestors face-to-shield with riot police on the second night of protests

the names of the victims

"eternal heroes"

"we are crying on our own, tear gas isn't needed"
this appeared the day after riot police used tear gas to disperse the crowd of emotional protesters
(i was also there that night, the presidential palace is 10 minutes from my house)

the funeral of the youngest soldiers to die in the blast: 18year old twin brothers

the aftermath of the tear gas launch
we're now in a strange new routine: at work we move around the stores and stockrooms with flashlights and mini-lanterns. at home we've got interrupted internet/telephone/tv service, problems with food storage and warnings of water shortages because most of our supply comes from desalination plants which need power to run.  the problems with the electricity will be going on for the next two months at least. and then... who knows?

at work: opening the rear door to illuminate the store as much as possible
im amazed that some people still feel like shopping
an eerie stockroom as seen by flashlight yesterday

photos by me, my friends and cyprus press


mystyledefine said...

wow, what a well written post xxx my boyfriends sister and husband are currently there ( he is in the RAF) and its horrible what is happening :( kudos to you for such a great post.. sending my best wishes your way xxx

drollgirl said...

this is so terrible, and i had no idea that it happened. money is so tight right now everywhere, and priorities don't always seem like they are properly set. your president should be ousted. but i guess there is no guarantee that the next president will be any better. there is so much trouble in the world right now; so much of it seems insurmountable. it is so difficult and so depressing. but there are still good people trying to make wrongs right, and i am so relieved that SOME people try to make a positive difference. wah. i hope things get better for you, for your country (and for the rest of us, too), and soon.

Anonymous said...

Well said Chlo! Cypriots did get our wake up call and we are pushing things to bring on a change... I really really hope something happens...

Anonymous said...

Written from the heart - well done! I'm so glad that so many young people like you are protesting and making their collective voice heard.
Good luck to you and the boyfriend in the future.