Sunday, 25 September 2011

change in the air

zara skinnies, stradivarius top & scarf, janni&janni boots, topshop necklace
the biggest news of the last week is that the air has finally changed and i can feel autumn coming in. everything is crisper and i am already excited about winter outfits: cardigans, boots, layering, furries, bring it ooon!


 last night we checked this out: a beer festival combined with a fairground. so far so random

 it all starts with one beer

small-head-godzilla may look impressive but what was really freaky was
the wizard/witch/zombie(?) on the chair to the left

 lil' train ride for the kids

and more beer for the grownups

another touch of randomness: burlesquish dancers at a beer festival? 

the beer-tent football field. cynics would say the whole event was a bit lame but i liked it, so amusing


life size boa!! i HAVE to HAVE this snake, i want it to live on the bed so i can roll up in it 
we tried to win him but it just wasn't happening. life is unfair. he's going on my xmas list

and then we had some more beer

the haunted castle wasn't really very intimidating
but the skull-and-vulture (whose wings opened and closed!) deserved a photo

oh hi boyfriend

hi best friend with the best new haircut

erm, hi scary ive-just-had-an-accident-mannequin,
are you supposed to make me want to go on that high-risk ride?

well, you convinced my friend! after a few beers (one free because everybody loves her)
she's off to be spinned through the air

i love her too but no way am i going up there

amazingly she didn't throw up and she also got a guy asking for her number!

good times

Saturday, 24 September 2011


zara shirt (last year sale!), zara jeans (this year sale!), vintage/deadstock boots
the balance for the right pair of boyfriend jeans always escapes me:
when i try for a looser fit they always end up being too big and baggy
oh well at least they were a sale buy, at 1/5 of the original price, woop!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

friday furries

and this is what im probably buying myself on friday when i can get to zara

furry feathery scarfy stole thing (prada, what prada?)

no idea what i'll wear it with but i must have it
...sooooooo soft...

there's also a similar one in purpley-blue
but it ain't as eyecatching as the ORANGE is it?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

oversize stripes

basic basic basic again but i love the loose floppiness of the top

marks & spencers tee (i bought it 6 times bigger than my size), zara skinnies,
stardivarius nude heels, various bling

old town i love you

as regular visitors might have noticed, ive been a bit of a social recluse lately
various reasons: too hot summer, too much work and a bit of politico-economic depression (never thought id see THAT on this blog) have kept me home. but last night i went on a mini-tour of my hometown and realized how much i missed it. enjoy with me

coming up from the underground parking
those car parks just fascinate me: trash, graffiti and all. yeh weird

 origami birds nesting in the garden of our local bar

"i love you" graffiti, cypriot style

no head but its ok

little bars and cafes and shops are slowly moving into the old streets

like this one

tables and friends and drinks out on the pavement
design for the home

design for the wardrobe

run down nicosia but i love it

flyers on old adandoned shop windows

in the same window: such a cool old map

so much to see walking around

a classic view of an old-town road

back to the underground carpark
5's my lucky number

the cyprus stencil refers to the massive military base explosion of july. the play on words underneath implies that the president/government are responsible. the official investigation is ongoing

some graffiti is not so nice

but then some is sweet

Friday, 16 September 2011


been a bit of a stalker of rihanna's summer holidays
her music's not always top of my list, but damn does she rock the swimwear

technically not a "bikini" but kind of..

nice panthering & layering & accessorizing going on

i hold her mostly responsible for my new fascination with extra-long nails
these last two swimsuits are my favourites - can't really imagine anyone else in them, can you?

she seems to have had a bob marley tribute going on this summer, i like it