Sunday, 25 September 2011


 last night we checked this out: a beer festival combined with a fairground. so far so random

 it all starts with one beer

small-head-godzilla may look impressive but what was really freaky was
the wizard/witch/zombie(?) on the chair to the left

 lil' train ride for the kids

and more beer for the grownups

another touch of randomness: burlesquish dancers at a beer festival? 

the beer-tent football field. cynics would say the whole event was a bit lame but i liked it, so amusing


life size boa!! i HAVE to HAVE this snake, i want it to live on the bed so i can roll up in it 
we tried to win him but it just wasn't happening. life is unfair. he's going on my xmas list

and then we had some more beer

the haunted castle wasn't really very intimidating
but the skull-and-vulture (whose wings opened and closed!) deserved a photo

oh hi boyfriend

hi best friend with the best new haircut

erm, hi scary ive-just-had-an-accident-mannequin,
are you supposed to make me want to go on that high-risk ride?

well, you convinced my friend! after a few beers (one free because everybody loves her)
she's off to be spinned through the air

i love her too but no way am i going up there

amazingly she didn't throw up and she also got a guy asking for her number!

good times

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drollgirl said...

beer makes everything better! except for carnival rides! barf! lol