Sunday, 18 September 2011

old town i love you

as regular visitors might have noticed, ive been a bit of a social recluse lately
various reasons: too hot summer, too much work and a bit of politico-economic depression (never thought id see THAT on this blog) have kept me home. but last night i went on a mini-tour of my hometown and realized how much i missed it. enjoy with me

coming up from the underground parking
those car parks just fascinate me: trash, graffiti and all. yeh weird

 origami birds nesting in the garden of our local bar

"i love you" graffiti, cypriot style

no head but its ok

little bars and cafes and shops are slowly moving into the old streets

like this one

tables and friends and drinks out on the pavement
design for the home

design for the wardrobe

run down nicosia but i love it

flyers on old adandoned shop windows

in the same window: such a cool old map

so much to see walking around

a classic view of an old-town road

back to the underground carpark
5's my lucky number

the cyprus stencil refers to the massive military base explosion of july. the play on words underneath implies that the president/government are responsible. the official investigation is ongoing

some graffiti is not so nice

but then some is sweet

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d. said...

the clutch that you are holding on the first photos is just perfect :)