Sunday, 18 September 2011

oversize stripes

basic basic basic again but i love the loose floppiness of the top

marks & spencers tee (i bought it 6 times bigger than my size), zara skinnies,
stardivarius nude heels, various bling


Rosalina S. said...

Girl! I got an award then I decided to pass it to you (: I love reading ur blog n already fllowed u since months ago. If u dont mind, u may visit n follow my blog as well..


A BRIT GREEK said...

This is so what I would buy asap! Is it in stores now?

I have got so many striped tops it's not funny! You always look great, love the twist of the larger size too. Am so over tight, cropped, me wants loose!

A BRIT GREEK said...

p.s, You should create/organize a Fashion's Night out!!! It would be so much fun, no?