Saturday, 15 October 2011


things that aren't clothes that are making me happy these days
really into my pinks and my roses

topshop make-up has landed in cyprus! i got "on the town" lilac

mastic gum is the only kind i chew - hello new rose flavour

new perfume - i LOVE it (more rose)

coconut body scrub (as far as i can see they have no rose scrubs, tsts) and vitamin e lip balm


KATE V said...

Let us all turn Pink!
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month :D

Love the lilac lipstick <3

Kisses from:

Unknown said...

what nice stuff you've got here!
love them all! esp the body shop!

forbiddenid said...

En to double surprise post!
1.Mastiha triantafyllo?!?! No way, i'm off to the kiosk!
2. Topshop makeup sthn Kypro?! Episis no way i'm off to Topshop (elpizw na 'shei je sti Larnaca!)

Isquisofrenia said...

yeah, hes growing so fast

Fashionable Rose said...

hi!! i am so happy to know that there are more Cypriot bloggers! i love your blog and this particular post! love pink lipstick too! :) xx