Tuesday, 29 November 2011



boohoo top, stradivarius asymmetric vest (underneath)
next fake leather jacket, zara jeans, topshop aggy boots

Monday, 28 November 2011

parkin party

you know those nights when you kinda stumble across an amazing time?
i had one of those on saturday
it started with this:

remember i mentioned how much i love the regeneration of old nicosia?

halfway down an old street there are some beautiful renovated buildings which have attracted
a group of young artistic &musical people (my best friend used to live there!)
and all the neighbours got together and decided to throw a "parkin' party" in their courtyard

i had been thinking it might be a bit lame but i ended up having the best time ive had in ages!

so much more people than i expected!
old town over the wall

dubstep and drum'n'bass, not all that common around here

bring your own drinks? no problem!

seriously. there are getting to be more pictures of the bf than of me on this blog

so going to this party next month

mighty impressed with the neighbours' lazerlights

my sorry pictures: either too dark and blurry or too much flash

there was even a sneaky barrel bonfire

the drinks window ledge

as the night progressed

at the end of the night

some random street shots

...(drumroll)... and the countdown to xmas continues!

Saturday, 26 November 2011


and this is where i went on thursday
"the scissorhands exhibition", showcasing the work of young fresh cypriot designers
organized by avant garde, a local free press magazine thats climbing very fast
(holla to my super-talented friends who work there! xxx)

very popular drinks

my friends' hands (and check that studded denim shirt!)

my feet across from the red carpet

fashion show

the installations/exhibitions were my favourite part

 by kristos avraam menswear. when our best friends got married 2 years ago
he made the groom's suit and my boyfriend's best man suit, such good work

 my friend's amazing shoes (with some more drinks)

end of fashion show

 the artos foundation where the event was held is an old townhouse, admiring the beautiful original tiles

 i told you, so many things to go to!

oh yes, you know that christmas is coming when the lights go up

Friday, 25 November 2011


for the last few weeks ive been all "work, work, work"
but thursday i got home, got a phonecall from a friend, changed in 5 minutes and
WENT OUT, woooo! (so excuse the dark eye-circles and stuff)

janni &janni boots, bershka waxed jeans, next long tshirt, stradivarius knit &parka &headband
everything in the outfit is way old, just the knitted headband is new, so excited 

Thursday, 10 November 2011

tattoo too too five

he's only gone and got more hasn't he? boyfriend's slowly filling up his arms
'scuse the crap photos, i was so excited to see them that i blurred them a bit
in order of my favourites:

dunno what it is but it looks cool

keys and 3 drops are new

lil' staircase/doorway is new

anatomical heart is new

and my top favourite, the misfits-style skeleton hand!