Saturday, 17 December 2011

anna apostolou - new talent alert

last week i went to a fashion performance. i had a bad view resulting in terrible photos but the designer lent me some pictures to use
the show was called saffron, the designer is anna apostolou. someone to watch for sure

each seat had these little packages on them

the models were dancers and made the clothes move in weird and wonderful ways
at the show they were wearing masks, looking very mysterious with flowing shapes and long arms

oh dear, at least we have the lookbook!





really like the makeup and hair in the lookbook
the models are very mediterranean-looking and i love it

little gold box of saffron to finish off the post


Eri said...

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Jen_A said...

Love this collection! Great pics! Thanx for sharing! :)

Fashionable Rose said...

I wanted to go as well but i couldn't make it! the show must have been great! i will be posting about the collection soon as well! :)