Saturday, 10 December 2011

big 4

watching my stats lately and my readership has gone up, nice surprise! i never really advertised my blog to people in my 'real life' until recently and im always happily surprised to meet or hear about people who have come across it one way or another. hello to everyone new.
thought id celebrate by doing a recap for you guys

photo from 2008(!!) - the long red hair phase

one: i am the area visual merchandiser for a well-known brand of young women's fashion (won't get into which, but im sure you can guess by the outfit posts). i coordinate 6 stores over cyprus so every day im in a different store. i arrange the new deliveries, train staff, update on fashion trends, and follow sales with my manager making sure that our stores are working in the best possible way. previous jobs were writing for a music magazine and managing a hair salon, they were also pretty amazing!

two: i am a gemini and display most of the gemini character traits. im happiest when stimulated so give me magazines, books, tv shows, movies, music, internet and i can occupy myself for hours, days, weeks.. my brain has a huge capacity for storing random facts &information and i will often bring these up in conversation. i get depressed when i don't socialize and have no people interaction but im also shy (those gemini contradictions) so im sometimes quiet in a crowd, just taking it all in

three: for a number of years i was well-known for my ever-changing hair, especially when i worked at the hair salon. fashion-wise there's not much i won't try ("never say never") but lately i feel most comfortable in a big tshirt, skinny pants and some high shoes. during the daytime gotta be practical for running around the shops so im usually more excited for night-time outfits. since i took my current job ive become a lot more confident in my outfits, when i was younger i never felt like i could rock the looks that i liked 

four: the cyprus thing. living in such a small place definitely has its drawbacks but lately ive been realizing that there is a lot of talent around here, and a lot of interesting stuff going on. so im taking advantage of every facebook invitation, every flyer and every new introduction to explore my lil' island

hope you enjoy with me


Fashionable Rose said...

i am so happy i found your blog to be honest! you should let people know about it because is super!
is so cool that you are from Cyprus! i enjoy your posts about your style and also the posts about the cool events you attended! keep it up !
thnx for sharing all this facts about you.. i am gemini as well and i am similar in a way..

Josephine said...

Ill take your word on that Cyprus bit, still quite unsure about it myself though! You rock big time, love!

Stella G. said...

Chloe dear, please keep posting! I reeaaaaly enjoy reading your posts and getting inspired by your pics! And last, oh I so much agree with point 4. Wish I could have more time to enjoy every single interesting event happening in Cyprus! x x