Thursday, 8 December 2011

november randoms

aaaand a more few things that happened in november

road trips to other towns for work - enjoying the scenery on the way to the shop

history of cyprus

visited istoria, a really cool vintage/clothing/art/furniture concept store

the event was called istoria vs the scavengers and featured redesigned/recycled furniture

and then we went out into the backyard for a bit of dancing (lots of dimly-lit parties lately ha)

this cranky old service elevator in the back of one of our stores scares and fascinates me,
a couple of people have been stuck in it, but not me. yet

we had our first big winter storms

and i snapped some mad lightning pics on the highway 

we took part in a fashion show. this cyan blue total look was the result of an
unfortunate miscommunication between stylist and store manager

so i restyled all the outfits at the last minute

bf's also been working hard
this is a preview of his latest drawing that will be unveiled tomorrow at a group exhibition

some 3am photoboothing after the parkin party


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Fashionable Rose said...

you have been very busy as i can see!! istoria sound cool where is it? never heard of it..